Piraeus Aikido Association (KouShiKan dojo) was founded in September of 2011. It is a member of EFEOZ-Z (Greek Federation of Jiu-Jitsu) with registration number 125 and also the H.J.F.(Hellenic Judo Federation). There are sections of Aikido  (children & adults) and Iaido. The instructors of the school are either certified coaches by the FFM (General Secretariat of Sports) or university – degree graduates of physical education.

Our school is located in the 1st floor (180 m²) of a building near the port of Piraeus (500 m from urban railway’s terminal station). The dojo is entirely made by their founders with much effort and love for Aikido and martial arts in general. It is a traditional environment with separate locker rooms for men and women and separate wc and showers. The dojo follows the teaching of Christian Tissier shihan (8th dan Aikikai) through M.Erb sensei (6th dan Aikikai).

Sensei Makis Potiris, Yondan (4th  dan Aikikai)

Makis Potiris started practicing in Aikido in February 1998 at the age of 20 in FukuShinKan dojo (Athens) under the guidance of George Koliopoulos sensei (6th dan Aikikai). In May 2003 was examined for shodan (1st dan) by shihan W.Smith (6th dan Aikikai). In May 2007 was examined for Nidan (2nd dan) and in November 2011 for Sandan (3rd dan) by sensei G. Koliopoulos. During his long term occupation with Aikido, he has attended seminars of leading teachers such as: D.Waite shihan, W.Smith, G. Jones, P. Brady, K. Hayward, P. Smith, S. Sugano, Y. Kobayashi, T. Mori, T. Sugawara, M. Minegishi, C. Tissier, B.E. Olsen, P. Guillemin,M.Erb etc.
In 2011 he founded KouShiKan dojo-Piraeus (an area of 180 m2 exclusively for Aikido training and other Japanese arts) dedicated to teaching Aikido. Since January 2014 he also teaches in a new martial arts place in Pagrati (Athens). During the last years he has been also teaching Aikido for free at the University of Piraeus in order to contribute to the development of martial arts in Greece.

He is a certified coach by the General Secretariat of Sports. In 2014 he has also started training Iaido. In September 2012 he decided to follow circle Tissier through cooperation with V.Nykteris sensei and Aikido Academy. Since then he regularly participates in all seminars of C. Tissier shihan, P. Guillemin sensei and V. Nykteris sensei in Greece.
In 2015 during a trip to Switzerland he begun cooperation with Michel Erb sensei (6th dan Aikikai) who is responsible for the developement of Aikido C.Tissier line in Switzerland. In September 2016 passes his Yondan exam by M.Erb sensei. Over the past few years he has also organized and taught as head instructor, seminars in various venues, in Athens and other Greek cities.